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If you are worried about your dogs appearance and are considering contacting the police, please ring us first for advice and assistance.

07873 666 778 or 07873 666 779

FREE microchipping for council tenants in the Skelmersdale area!

FREE microchipping for council tenants in the Skelmersdale area!
At a recent Microchipping event in Skelmersdale , West Lancashire council officials informed an owner that they were not allowed to have their dog chipped at the event and have since informed them that the dog may no longer live in the property. The reason given was the dog was a "large and powerful "breed type and the council stated it did not matter if it was a legal breed. There have been no complaints regarding the dog nor its owner.
Another Microchipping event is being held on 25th April and we have concerns that other owners may find themselves in a similar predicament as we expect the council to be present again. What we don’t want is responsible people to be put off having their dogs chipped.
With this in mind, Draconian Dogs Act and Deed Not Breed have joined forces to offer FREE chipping for any dogs that may be "large and powerful" whose owners live in council premises in Skelmersdale. The offer runs until 10th May 2017
The free chipping offer will cover the following breeds or crosses of those breeds however this list is not exhaustive so please contact us if you own another type of dog you feel fits the criteria.
Pure or crosses of:
  • Staffordshire bull terrier

    English bullterrier


    Bull lurchers


    German Shepherds
  • Any type or cross of mastiff

    Any type or cross of Bulldog
To arrange for your dog to be chipped please call:
07899 724 800 or 07873 666 778 or 07873 666 779
For more info on the ongoing case with West Lancashire council please see here:
Or search Draconian Dogs Act or Deed Not Breed on facebook.