Deed Not Breed Ltd is a NON PROFIT Organisation

Company Registered in England and Wales No. 06325487

If you are worried about your dogs appearance and are considering contacting the police, please ring us first for advice and assistance.

07873 666 778 or 07873 666 779

deed not breed Ltd never charges for any of our services, but we do assist the owners of dogs with fees such as neutering, tattooing, exemption fees, insurance costs and in cases where appeals are necessary we assist with the costs of legal representation whenever it is possible.

If we agree to re home a dog for an owner or the authorities we neuter, microchip and transport the dog to its new home, sometimes travelling hundreds of miles and of course there are the costs of vaccinations and occasionally veterinary and kennelling fees.

Any donations deed not breed recieve go directly towards the costs we incur in assisting either the owners of the dogs or the dogs themselves.

We do not ask for financial assistance towards the costs of running the organisation. Those costs, for telephone bills, travel to court hearings, stationery and so on are covered entirely by ourselves personally so you can be certain that if you do wish to make a donation to deed not breed, your money goes directly to helping the dogs and their owners.

We are very grateful for any donations we recieve and our full accounts are available to view on the Companies House website. We are also happy to send a copy of the accounts to anyone wishing to view them.

An easy way for you to raise money for us while not costing you a penny is to shop at
You don't pay any more for the items you buy but we get a small donation every time you shop as long as you choose deed not breed as your chosen organisation.


Postal address for cheques or Postal Orders
(payable to Deed Not Breed Ltd)

97 Lytham Road