Please leave a message when calling

We’ve been getting a lot of ‘accident claim’ calls lately. Could we ask that if you call us for advice you leave us a quick message (either voice or text) […]

Good news before Christmas

Back in March we were contacted by the owner of Mr Sprinkles and Babushka who was looking to relocate to the UK from America. She wanted further advice regarding some […]

Blackpool MP speaks out against BSL

RSPCA welcomes inquiry into Breed Specific Legislation

The EFRA inquiry found that current legislation fails to protect the public whilst harming dog welfare The RSPCA has welcomed the announcement that the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (EFRA) […]

EFRA Inquiry Report: Dangerous Dogs

Back in May EFRA announced an inquiry entitled Dangerous Dogs ; Breed Specific Legislation and invited written and oral evidence to be submitted for consideration. Today we welcome the publishing […]