Muzzle training


There are a variety of reasons/situations that dogs may have to be muzzled.
*Eats things from the floor
*going abroad
*Dog reactive
*Frustrated greeter
*Vet visits
*new dog introductions
*people reactive
Etc etc

“If someone has decided to muzzle their dog they are simply being RESPONSIBLE dog owners.
It’s not cruel, it’s not harmful
And as with any training it can be made positive and Fun!
Here is Hector’s FIRST session , he’s a bit unsure what I’m asking of him at first, but soon gets the idea.
The muzzle I am using to start with is 1 size to big, we will go to the correct size once he is totally comfortable with the idea”

Thanks to Hector and his mum, Dee

Subsequent sessions will be added as they become available





Dee is talking us through the steps in this video so better with sound

“Today we are using a smaller muzzle, and we have all the straps out, so they are flapping around and making a noise.

For some dogs this would be fine, for others they can be quite sensitive to things like this.
We are using high value treats for this session, and want to make it as positive as we can.
Please remember to keep sessions short and always end on a positive.
If your dog doesn’t take to having the straps on their head, take a step back.”