After court

If the court orders the registration of your dog onto the Index of Exempt Dogs, do not expect your dog home immediately. Shortly after the hearing you will receive an information pack from the Index with all the correct forms in to apply for your Certificate of exemption and compulsory insurance. You will need to complete and return these forms as soon as possible. You should include payment for the certificate and your first year’s insurance preferably paying by postal order as this clears immediately it is received.

Your dog will also need to be neutered (if not already done) and the insurance cannot be carried out until an order to register the dog has been made by a court.  Your dog will also need to be microchipped, this is a simple procedure.

Once the paperwork, payment and work have been completed, your dog should be released by the authorities to you. The after court process usually takes 2-3 weeks if the paperwork is received quickly.  In some cases your dog will be returned by the local authorities. Sometime you have to collect him yourself.

If you are to bring your dog home yourself you MUST muzzle before you set foot onto any area deemed to be a public place and ensure its collar, leash and muzzle are secure. Your dog is now a registered dog; failure to follow the restrictions will almost certainly result in a destruction order being ordered by the courts.

Collecting your dog
Your dog may need to be collected by you, if this is the case, take with you a new collar. Make sure it is adjustable as your dog may have lost or put on weight and need a different size. Old collars may also have become damaged and need replacing. Take an I.D tag attached to the collar, your dog may have lost his and it is a legal requirement that your dog wears one. Remember that registered dogs must be leashed and muzzled at all times in a public place.

As your dog is now registered, it is a legal requirement that your dog be muzzled at all times in a public place.  When first collecting your dog, remember he will be excited to see you. Your dog may also be under some stress and confused but MUST still wear a muzzle when leaving the premises from which you collect him.

It is likely that your dog has never worn a muzzle before, you can follow our training tips to get your dog used to wearing a muzzle, but at this point of collection, you just need to get it on securely and calmly and take your dog straight home.
Go prepared: Purchase a Baskerville muzzle. If not sure on the size, take more than one. These are the hard brown plastic muzzles, not the fabric ones. Although a Baskerville muzzle is less ” attractive” it allows a dog to drink and pant with ease whilst wearing it ensuring a much more comfortable experience for your dog, it also allows your dog to accept a treat through it.   Take as many treats as possible, small, easy to chew and swallow treats –
What was your dog’s favourite? These can be pushed through the holes of the muzzle without the need to remove it. Stay calm yourself and don’t get upset. Keep the muzzle and leash on until you get home, then you can remove and the muzzle training can properly begin following our guide and help from our volunteers. Do not remove the muzzle no matter how much your dog resists. Just get home as quickly as possible.   If you feel you need to, ask us for advice and help before you collect your dog.

Settling in
The biggest concern for most dog owners is how their dog will ‘be’ when returned. until your dog is returned you will have no way of knowing. Each dog reacts differently to a kennel environment, the important thing to remember is that there is help for you and your dog – all you need to do is ask us.You may find your dog has lost some weight. Some have ‘Kennel Coat’ and some have pressure patches. These all tend to disappear quickly once the dog is back home. Some dogs will come home weighing more than we they went in. Some dogs will walk in as if they had never been away, while others may be confused or anxious. All these things can be worked with and if you have any concerns with your dogs behaviour, please contact us.

Aftercare for Registered Dogs
The restrictions of having a registered dog apply for the duration of that dogs life. They apply anywhere in the U.K and also apply in many other countries abroad. If at any stage you break any of those restrictions you could be taken back to court and this time, your dog will almost certainly be destroyed. Other repercussions of breaking the restrictions can include: a prison term, fines, destruction of the dog. You may also be banned from keeping animals. If you are concerned about any aspect of your dogs well being following registration and/or seizure please contact us for further advice.

Owners of registered dogs also need to  comply with the following:
* You will need to keep your dog sufficiently muzzled and leashed under the control of someone over the age of 16 at all times in a public place – which include the inside of a motor vehicle.
* You will to renew the compulsory insurance on your dog once a year. failure to keep it up to date is a criminal offence and renders your exemption certificate invalid (your dog will therefore become illegal again.)
* You shall not abandon your dog or allow it to stray – your dog must be kept in secure conditions at home so it cannot escape.
* You are not allowed to sell or exchange your dog. You cannot give it to anyone nor advertise it for sale or as a gift.
* You will need to notify the Index  of Exempted Dogs if you move address or if your dog is kept at a different address for longer than 30 days.
* You will need to keep your Exemption Certificate  and insurance Certificate safe in case you need to produce them. A Police Officer or Local Authority can ask to show your certificate or produce it within five days and immediately allow its chip to be read.
* The Index will need to be notified on the death or export of your dog.