EFRA Enquiries: Dangerous dogs and BSL

First session, 13th June 2018 – Witnesses: Dr Rachel Casey, Director of Canine Behaviour and Research, Dogs Trust; Robin Hargreaves, former President, BRitish Veterinary Association;  Bill Lambert, Health and Breeder Services Manager, Kennel Club;  David Ryan, former Chair, Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors; Trevor Cooper, Doglaw, Consultant for Battersea Dogs and Cats Home;  Dr Samantha Gaines, Head of Companion Animals Department, RSPCA; Steve Goody, Deputy Chief Executive Blue Cross

Second session, 27th June 2018 – Witnesses: Deputy Chief Constable, Gareth Pritchard, Lead for dangerous dogs, National Police Chiefs Council;  Inspector Patrick O’Hara, Dog Training School & Status Dog Unit, Metropolitan Police;  Mark Berry, Chairman, National Companion Animal Forum

Third session, 4th July 2018 – Witnesses:  Lord Gardiner of Kimble, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Rural Affairs and Biosecurity;  Mark Casale, Deputy Director Animal Welfare and Exotic Disease Control Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Link to our submission to EFRA

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