Extension to neutering date for XL bully puppies

Extension to the neutering deadline for XL Bully dogs that were under seven months on the 31st January 2024.

The deadline for neutering the youngest XL Bully dogs is to be extended following engagement with the veterinary industry.

The new deadline to neuter XL Bully dogs that were under seven months on the 31st January 2024 will be 30th June 2025. We will make this change through legislation as soon as parliamentary time allows.

This is to make sure we safely manage the existing XL Bully dog population, balancing the welfare of these animals with keeping people safe.

Neutering for older dogs remains the same. For dogs that were over 1 year on the 31st January 2024, this has to be done by the 30th June 2024, while dogs aged 7 – 12 months on the 31st January 2024 must be neutered by the end of 2024.

With just over three months before the first deadline of 30th June 2024, owners of older dogs are reminded to book an appointment with the vet in good time.

If evidence is not provided that the dog has been neutered by the relevant deadline, owners will be breaching the legal requirements to keep an XL Bully dog and it may be seized by the police.

It remains an offence to breed or rehome an XL Bully dog regardless of its age.

Source:Government website