From our solicitor, Kathryn

“This handsome fellow is 5 year old Caesar, who’s Mum was found not guilty of an aggravated s3 Dangerous Dogs Act allegation today.
He had, unfortunately, caused an injury to the hand of someone posting leaflets through the letterbox but because this was not a situation in which, despite the injury, he was acting dangerously the case against his owner was not proved. His owner was not home at the time, and had left her house locked and secured with him inside.
He had never done anything in his little doggie life which gave anyone concern about his behaviour so his owner had not felt the need to restrict access to the post box. She has changed all that now.
Although thrilled that he is coming home this is not a case to celebrate, a lady did get an injury, and Caesar was in kennels for a long time awaiting this case being resolved.

Caesar’s owner was happy for me to share his story today as a cautionary tale. If you think, even for a second, that your dog may cause an injury to a postal worker, delivery person or anyone posting material through your letterbox, get a cage put round the box, or fit an outside postbox.

It is YOUR responsibility to ensure the safety of others and consider all possibilities.”


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