Lost or stolen dogs

If your dog is lost or stolen please read the following checklist.

Report the loss / theft immediately – time is of the essence. The people you should inform are:-

– KENNELS IN SURROUNDING AREAS in case your dog has wandered out of area
– YOUR LOCAL RESCUES numbers available from most vets / animal shelters
– DOG WARDEN SERVICE contact is usually via the local council
– REGISTER ON Doglost OR K9 Search UK
PETLOG if your dog is chipped, contact Petlog on 0870 606 6751

Obviously go out and look for your dog, but remember to try to leave somebody at home to answer the phone or be there if the dog is returned.

Ask people walking in the area if they have seen your dog and if so, where and at what time. It helps build up a picture of the direction your dog took and when. If you suspect your dog may have been stolen, ask neighbours if they have CCTV cameras and if they will check the recording for anything suspicious. You will be surprised at how many people do these days

If your dog has not returned during the day, go back out to look late at night. Your dog may have been frightened by traffic and noise so may hide until late when it is quieter, also your voice carries much further at night and is not competing with as much other noise in the middle of the night.

Advertise that your dog is missing; put up flyers preferably with a picture in your local area – be sure to put on a telephone number where there is someone there to take the calls – put these up in places where there is a high volume of people i.e. near schools, pubs, newsagents, bus stops etc. and also contact your local paper and any free papers that serve your area.

Keep in touch with the people you have informed; for example the police who do not always see lost dogs as a priority, and also ring at different times of day ensuring that at least someone from each shift is aware that your dog is missing

Broaden your search area by ringing outlying kennels and police stations. Your dog may have strayed or been taken out of your area, it is amazing how far a dog can travel in a short space of time.

Please feel free to fill in an enquiry form we may be able to help or offer individual advice based on your circumstances


Please remember that it is always better to be proactive in preventing the loss or theft of your dog. This may seem an obvious thing to say but it does no harm to state here some of the things you can do to reduce the chance of your dog going missing or increase the chance of a speedy return if he does.

1 Get your dog microchipped – the cost is minimal and it is very effective most stray kennels dog wardens and police stations own a scanner, and in the case of a stolen dog it is your proof of ownership. It is also a legal requirement that dogs are microchipped now

2 Make sure your dog ALWAYS wears a collar and tag and remember to include a second phone number. If you took you dog on holiday or out of town, any finder would try to get through to your number, not much use when you’re not there. Never put your dogs name on his disc. That ‘nice lad’ you see on the park who bends down to tickle your dogs chin could next week be using the info on his disc to steal him – always easier when the dogs name is known.

3 Be vigilant dogs are stolen from ‘secure’ gardens whilst the owners are in the house

4 In summer beware of open windows. We have picked up many dogs who have used this method of escape. Never presume that because your dog has never run away that it never will check for potential escape routes. Close them and educate children to shut doors and NEVER leave your dog tied up outside a shop unattended; dog theft is big business these days and thieves will go to amazing lengths to get what they want.


Please ensure that you have a tag made up with the address where you are staying and a contactable telephone number i.e. a mobile number. If you leave on his usual tag and he goes missing whilst on holiday there will be no one at home to take the call should he be found; the same applies if your dog is to go to boarding kennels whilst you are away, so in that case, have a tag engraved with the address of the kennels and telephone number and also your own mobile number. Also, give the kennels your dog’s microchip number in case he escapes. If this occurs whilst on holiday with you, inform the chip company immediately your dog goes missing, giving your current location.

Courtesy of the Bull Breed Advisory Service © 2009