Microchip databases

If you aren’t sure which database your pet’s microchip is registered with, you can search the chip number at https://www.check-a-chip.co.uk/ If you don’t know the chip number, you should be able to get a vet or organisation such as the RSPCA or PDSA to scan your pet and give you the number. There are also many voluntary organisations who have scanners and would be happy to check your pet’s microchip for you

01296 336579
Keepers that wish to change their address, but do not require the additional benefits of Petlog Premium, can do so over the phone. This will incur an administrative fee of £10 and is only available when calling 01296 336579.

0800 652 8977
When your pet is implanted with an AVID MicroChip, lifetime registration on the PETtrac Database is automatically included. Should you change address in the future a £6 charge is made which contributes to running the 24hr database service.
If you are likely to move frequently then you can join the PETtrac Plus scheme for a one-off fee of only £16.95

IDENTIBASE (Formerly Anibase)
01904 487600
Details can be updated by completing the ‘Change of Details’ form and for a fee of either £15.95 or £20.95 depending on which plan you choose. Both offer lifetime details changes

01208 420 999
Details can be changed either online or by ‘phone at a cost of £9.95 per change or you can upgrade to a Premium membership for £19.95 which allows as many changes as you like

0844 414 2262
There is a choice of Basic membership or Gold membership. Both cost £15.99 but one offers one off details changes (Basic) and the other offers lifetime changes plus other benefits (Gold)

0800 975 1960
Lifetime registration costs £10 with no further admin costs

01279 219777
Unlimited changes can be made to your details with a Premium Account.
You can upgrade to a Premium Account for a discounted fee of £6.95 at the time of accepting keepership of your first pet *, or for £12.00 thereafter.
* If using the direct registration process then a Premium account will be £12.

01273 837676
The Chipworks service will enable Pet-ID to offer free online transfer of keepership from breeders to new owners as long as puppies are identified as having been registered to the breeder when the microchip is first registered and have additional plans for the future, including streamlining the transfer of keepership for pets that are taken in by welfare organisations and subsequently rehomed.