Owners who missed the deadline due to technical issues

We have had numerous enquiries in the last 48 hours from utterly distraught people who suffered technical failures one way or another and have had their applications rejected or returned. Some dogs have been seized and some owners have signed their dogs over to be destroyed, believing that there is now no other option for them – this is not true! There is still an exemption process in place but it must take place via the Court system rather than the online portal.
We do not have any answers right now for owners in this situation as to how it may be rectified BUT PLEASE REST ASSURED WE ARE MAKING THE RELEVANT ENQUIRIES AS A MATTER OF URGENCY.
If this is you DO NOT SUFFER IN SILENCE. Do not panic. DO NOT GIVE UP! DO NOT SIGN YOUR DOG OVER TO BE DESTROYED! Contact us and tell us what went wrong with your application, and if we can possibly help you and your dog then we will. THIS POST IS FOR GENUINE CIRCUMSTANCES ONLY AND WE WILL NEED TO KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU DID AND WHY IT DID NOT WORK!
The time for voluntary exemption has passed but you must still stand by your dog. You do not need to make any hasty decisions now or feel as if there is no way forward. If you are a responsible owner who has tried to do the right thing then we beg you, do not give up on them now!
Get in touch if this applies to you. We will try to help but we need to know about your situation NOW!
Please remember that none of this is the fault of the police and if you should happen to receive a visit you should always be polite and cooperative. Police officers did not make this law, they simply have a job to do to enforce it. Please do not be rude or unreasonable – remember that your conduct reflects very seriously on your suitability as a dog owner, and your dog’s behaviour is equally important.

Source: Carla Lane Animals in Need