BELLA 2Bella was initially seized some months ago under section 4b of the act and her owner, on seeking advice regarding the process, got in touch with people who had been suggested might help. The only advice given was to contact a specialist solicitor whose number was provided. She did this only to be given an estimate of approximately four thousand pounds for legal representation and expert report in order to go through court to apply to get Bella back as legal aid is not available, otherwise they would be unable to assist.

This is a huge amount of money and it is lucky that at this point Bella’s mum desperately wanting her dog back but incredibly worried about how she would find such a huge sum of money rang the DLO in charge of her case who thankfully advised her to call us.

We contacted the DLO to discuss how we could assist and it transpired that the authorities were more than happy to send Bella home pending court once a risk assessment was completed despite her owner having been legally advised that they were lying, and arrangements were made for Mel Rushmore and the DLO to jointly examine Bella that weekend. This resulted in Bella being returned to her owner immediately after the assessment the same day pending court.

Bella was re-seized this morning and her owner attended court this afternoon along with Kathryn Jamieson Sinclair and Bella has been exempted and will be home very soon.

Massive thanks to Kathryn and to the lovely DLO (he knows who he is) and Huge congratulations to Bella and her mum from all at Deed not Breed XXXX

Section 4b cases do not have to cost the earth and with the right advice on many occasions can be dealt with by the owner. Luckily Bella’s owner didn’t give up and sign Bella over when faced with so little actual help and such a large proposed bill. We sincerely hope no other owner has felt they had no other option.

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