Congratulations to the owners of the newly exempted Shai, who have for some time suspected that she might fall under ‘type’ and made a big effort over a number of months to get her looked at and if necessary apply for her to be exempted only to hit a brick wall from their local police force.

After moving to a different area they contacted Cooper and co solicitors run by dear friend and the UK’s leading dog lawyer, Trevor Cooper, and after speaking to the very lovely Nik on Wednesday, they contacted us.

After making a call to their new area’s Dog Legislation Officer on Wednesday afternoon on their behalf it was later arranged between them and the owner for Shai to be looked at by them yesterday and if ‘type’, for her to be seized before appearing in court today.

That’s exactly what happened and Shai was exempted today by the courts. As all of the terms are already being met by the owners, with only the exemption certificate to be approved, she will be returned in a couple of days.

Credit where it’s due, many thanks to Staffordshire police for the handling of this case and for your sensitive approach to her owners as well as your assistance at court today.

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