Helping calm your dog tonight

White noise – white noise is a combination of all of the different frequencies of sound. contains all frequencies, it is frequently used to mask other sounds. one way to think about it is two people are talking at the same time. Your brain can normally “pick out” one of the two voices and actually listen to it and understand it. If three people are talking simultaneously, your brain can probably still pick out one voice. However, if 1,000 people are talking simultaneously, there is no way that your brain can pick out one voice. 1,000 people talking at once is a lot like white noise. So when you turn on a radio off station to create white noise, you are essentially creating a source of 1,000 voices. Any additional outside noise makes it 1,001 voices, and your brain can no longer pick it out.

White noise machines can be bought and used to drown out outside sounds for a number of reasons for example to help babies have uninterrupted sleep as they are no longer disturbed by external every day sounds, to assist in people studying in noisy environments and also to help night shift workers achieve a deeper sleep by drowning out day time sounds such as barking dogs, neighbours, traffic, lawnmowers etc.

White noise also works with dogs. If you don’t have a white noise machine you can achieve a similar effect by turning on a radio in the room close to the dog and tuning it off station so that you just get the crackling sound, increasing and decreasing the volume to suit. Your own brain and the dog’s brain will get used to the sound quickly so that you barely notice it however the constant crackle will make other external sounds fade out. The sound of a fan whirring has the same effect but the volume of the white noise is not able to be controlled and it may not be as effective as a radio or white noise machine.

Effective herbal remedies for anxiety are:

Lemon Balm: It is a sedative herb that is quite effective in treating dog anxiety and excitability.

Chamomile: This is a miracle herb that reduces anxiety in dogs. It calms the nervous system of dogs as well as induces sleep. You can give your dog chamomile tea before a long drive or soak a treat in the tea.

Valerian: This herb reduces anxiety as well as tension and over-excitability in the dogs.

Oats: are one of the best nerve-calming herbs and nutritious as well. Some cooked oatmeal can be added to the meal of your dog. Give them porridge for tea Yes really! Oats are a natural calmer so adding cooked oats to your dogs food before it gets dark and the dogs begins to stress can reduce the anxiety he or she feels later. If you cook the oats up as a porridge using chamomile tea then the calming effect is increased.

Catnip: it is normally thought that catnip is used for cats only. But, your dog can also benefit from catnip. This herb has a soothing sedative effect on dogs. You can just sprinkle a little bit of catnip in your dogs food.

St John’s Wort: a tonic plant that is used in to treat anxiety problem

Jasmine: has a calming effect and can be used in an oil humidifier/diffuser

Green tea leaves: contain amino acids that are quite effective to induce a state of relaxation.

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