Owners of XL Bullies

Whilst we would like to be able to advise the many worried owners of the American Bully XL concerned about what happens next and the steps to take, we do not have enough information yet as to how the government intends to implement the ban, or if even an exemption scheme will form part of their plans. It would be unfair to cause any more confusion to owners already distraught at the news by giving out incorrect information.
Rest assured though that we and our legal advisors stand ready to scrutinise the government proposals as they become available and will publish advice as soon as we are in a position to do so when we are in possession of the facts. In the meantime we would advise that the owners of any breed of dog act responsibly, socialise and train their dogs to an acceptable standard (including to wear a muzzle) and ensure the equipment they use during exercise is fit for purpose and provides adequate control and prevents escape for example the use of martingale collars on dogs with necks wider than their heads, double leashes, and headcollars on strong or weighty breeds.