Sad day for DNB

Today is a very sad day for Deed not Breed as we say goodbye to Molly, the very first dog we as an organisation were able to help.

Molly was handed in and disclaimed to police during the week long dangerous dogs amnesty run by Merseyside Police in February 2007, She was aged just six months and had done nothing wrong. When subsequently examined by police Molly was found not to have quite enough characteristics to be confirmed as type.

Despite our determined opposition to the amnesty, Merseyside Police entrusted us to take Molly and rehome her rather than put her to sleep as they were within their rights to do due to her being disclaimed.

Molly was moved into our good friend Diane Robinson’s boarding kennels before being rehomed to Alison Beecham who had many years previously had her dog Sophie seized under the breed specific part of the act before winning the fight for her return.

Molly has spent 11 years as a much loved pet of Alison but in the last few days Molly’s health began to rapidly deteriorate and this morning, with a heavy heart Alison made the hardest decision we as dog owners have to make, and let her go.

Our sincerest condolences go out to Alison at this time but also we would like to thank all of those who also played a part in Mollys story.

Rick Cutts and Tracy Purnell who gave us a platform and support
All the members of the refuge forums
Diane Robinson who gave us a kennel and still gives us her support
and Merseyside Police who gave Molly a chance to prove over 11 years that she was not dangerous

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