Seizures and destruction on Merseyside

Deed not Breed and Elliot Mather LLP are aware of the seizures made by Merseyside Police on the 27th March 2014 and that the dogs seized were subsequently destroyed.

It is believed that this action may be unlawful and the Police are to be challenged as to the legitimacy of their actions.

The advice to any owner of a pit bull type dog which has been exempted under the appropriate legislation is that the conditions as set out in the court order must be adhered to.

Failure to comply will result in the dog being re-seized by the police and as in the case of the dogs that were seized on the 27th March 2014 the dog may be destroyed.

We strongly advise you to check your insurance and make sure that it is up to date and that you have informed DEFRA. If you have insurance with Dogs Trust you have the responsibility to confirm to DEFRA that your insurance is in place every year, this is not done automatically.

For any queries the Helpline numbers for Deed Not Breed are:

07873 666 778
07873 666 779

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