Supporting Roxy – Supporting Responsible Dog Ownership

A Skelmersdale dog owner is fighting to keep her family pet dog Roxy, after council officials refuse to let Roxy continue to live in her council property.

On 7th March Roxys Owner, Sophie attended a microchipping event run by Dogs Trust. Whilst there, Sophie was approached by Phillipa Sandall, Dog Control Enforcement Officer for West Lancashire Borough Council. Ms Sandall informed Sophie that she had no doubt Roxy was a pit bull and that she would be contacting the police. Further, she told Sophie that she could not get Roxy microchipped and she should go home to wait for the police there.

Three days later Sophie received a visit from a Lancashire Police Officer and Roxy was seized. While waiting to hear the outcome of Roxys Breed type assessment, Sophie received a letter from the council stating that regardless of her breed type, Roxy was not to return to the property. Steve Mahon, senior Anti Social behaviour officer for West Lancashire Borough Council wrote:
“At this time even experienced officers are uncertain whether your dog is a banned breed or not and there is no doubt that she is a powerful and potentially dangerous dog. I am therefore telling you that whatever the result of the police investigation you must not allow this dog back into your home in any circumstances.”

Neither Sophie nor Roxy have ever had any complaints made about them. Sophie’s property has been assessed by Lancashire police who are happy that it is a suitable and secure premises. Roxy has been independently assessed as a friendly dog who poses no danger to the public. Neither the kennels holding Roxy nor the Dog Legislation officers have any concerns with Roxys behaviour. Dogs Trust have added their support and contacted the council on behalf of the family.

As things stand, should Roxy be returned to the property, West Lancashire Borough Council. have stated they will seek an injunction to have her removed. Both Draconian Dogs Act and Deed not Breed are assisting Sophie and Roxy and will be updating you as the situation progresses. Please consider adding Roxys picture below to your facebook page. Good responsible owners should not be penalized because of their dogs physical characteristics.

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