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This is not normally something we do and it has been a long time since we did any fundraising but in the coming months it would be nice if we could help people who will be struggling with costs, especially those who have lost their jobs after Christmas; we need to be able to help those who have genuinely fallen foul of the legislation, not those who simply didn’t want to exempt their dog.  Sadly, we believe this will have far reaching consequences for many more innocent owners and we would like to be in a position to help them

We know this is just after Christmas and everyone is recovering from the expense but if anyone could spare a couple of ££ we would be very grateful.

If you can help, our PayPal address is treasurer@deednotbreed.org.uk or you can scan the QR code.

Our bank details are:
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Account number:44598201

Thank you in advance

RSPCA welcomes inquiry into Breed Specific Legislation

The EFRA inquiry found that current legislation fails to protect the public whilst harming dog welfare

The RSPCA has welcomed the announcement that the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (EFRA) Committee’s report is calling for a full-scale review of current dog control legislation and policy.

The RSPCA has been calling for a parliamentary inquiry into the effectiveness of Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) in protecting public safety and dog welfare since August 2016.

The charity’s high-profile #EndBSL campaign called on the UK Government to review Section 1 of the Dangerous Dogs Act (DDA) 1991 which, under BSL, prohibits the ownership of four types of dogs: pitbull terrier, fila Brasiliero, dogo Argentino, Japanese tosa. Over 84,000 people supported our campaign and the need for a different approach.

The report released by EFRA today (Wednesday) is calling on the UK Government to remove the ban on rehoming these banned types to new owners as currently it results in the unnecessary euthanasia of good-tempered dogs that could have been safely re-homed. It also asks for an independent review into the factors affecting dog aggression, and a new Dog Control Act to facilitate early intervention in dog incidents, as well as better education for children and dog owners.

Read the full article here

Source: RSPCA news